The political entity for the Stuttgart Region

Verband Region Stuttgart (Greater Stuttgart Region) came into being in 1994 following legislation adopted by the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. It acts as the political entity for the Stuttgart Region in the form of a public law corporation. Delegates to the Regional Assembly are elected every five years by the local population. This "regional parliament" is unique in Baden-Württemberg with model character in terms of regional management.

Statutory tasks

We work at ensuring that the Stuttgart Region remains a place where life is worth living with a strong economy. The mandatory tasks given to the Verband Region Stuttgart by law include key issues such as regional planning, local public transport, regional transport planning, landscape planning, business and tourism development and certain aspects of waste management. In terms of voluntary activities, the Region can get involved in sport and culture, among others. The Verband Region Stuttgart plays an active role in German and European networks, in competitions and projects on central future topics.

Two at the top

The Verband Region Stuttgart is led by the honorary Chairman Thomas S. Bopp and the full-time Regional Director, Dr. Nicola Schelling. As the legal representative, the Regional Director is the head of the Office with a staff of about 70 employees.