Money for regional tasks

The biggest item in the approx. €300m budget of Verband Region Stuttgart consists of the transport sector. This refers to funding important parts of the local public transport system, expanding the commuter rail network and to a small extent also operation of the commuter rail services.

Verband Region Stuttgart derives its income mainly from two sources: levies and other grants (e.g. regional funds for the commuter rail system). Verband Region Stuttgart has the right to obtain the following three levies from the rural districts and from the towns and municipalities in the region:

  • the general Verband levy (from the 179 towns and municipalities)
  • the transport levy (from the city and rural districts involved in the integrated public transport network VVS)
  • the waste management levy (from the city and rural districts)

The Verband Region Stuttgart and the Stuttgart Region business development corporation acquire funds from the EU, federal government and state government to fund (networking) projects. In recent years, this resulted in a proud sum of nearly €200m.