Our Tasks

Verband Region Stuttgart performs important future tasks in the areas of local public transport, regional planning and business development. The range of tasks is stipulated in the "Law on setting up the Verband Region Stuttgart". The daily work routines have resulted in a number of cross-sectoral topics, such as commitment on a European level, or general tasks involved in regional development.

Mandatory tasks:

  • Regional planning
  • Landscape framework planning
  • Regional transport planning        
  • Regional business development
  • Local public transport of regional importance
  • Aspects of waste management
  • Regional tourism marketing 

Voluntary tasks:

  • Cultural and sporting events together with congresses
  • Regionally significant trade fairs

Tasks under the state planning law:

  • Regional development
  • Advice for the local authorities in terms of spatial development

In order to fulfil its tasks, Verband Region Stuttgart is involved in a number of different companies. Furthermore, it plays a successful role in national and international competitions and takes part in various projects. It acts as pacemaker, contact partner and mediator for central key issues in the Stuttgart Region as a place for business and a place to live. It takes an innovative approach to finding answers for the issues of mobility, land take or demographic development.