Culture and Sport

The region is home not just to business but also to 2.6 million people. Culture and sport enhance the feeling of belonging together in the region. This is why Verband Region Stuttgart is a member of the registered associations KulturRegion Stuttgart e.V. and SportRegion Stuttgart e.V., making contributions and providing support in the form of project funds. 

SportRegion Stuttgart

SportRegion Stuttgart consists of 46 local authorities, 38 sport associations and six sport bodies together with the Stuttgart Olympic training centre and Verband Region Stuttgart. It makes an important contribution to regional sport development and to location marketing in the region. The office has a full-time general manger and receives annual funds of € 250,000 from Verband Region Stuttgart.

KulturRegion Stuttgart e.V.

KulturRegion Stuttgart has more than 40 members, including 38 towns and municipalities together with clubs and associations. KulturRegion Stuttgart is going through a reorganisation process. Verband Region Stuttgart has also been involved in the respective search for a forward-looking approach to cultural work in the region. It contributed € 40,000 toward the expert consultation services accompanying the process. Once the framework has been established in terms of organisation and contents, it will provide annual funds of € 250,000.