Conserving the countryside through planning

Fields and arable land, steep vineyards and extensive orchard meadows. There are many facets to the countryside in the Stuttgart Region. Its charms also include the extensive mixed forests of Schönbuch and Glemswald, together with the extensive Swabian Alb plateau and the Swabian-Franconian forest. Those seeking recreation will find what they are looking for.

Urban structures and the transport infrastructure have developed along the lines given by the natural features. The landscape is therefore changing constantly, with corresponding changes in landscape planning. On the one hand, we are constantly finding out more about the diverse landscape elements. On the other hand, planning solutions are required to meet the demands and implications of settlement, infrastructure and business. Regional landscape planning is therefore an important module in the development of the Stuttgart Region.

Landscape Park Stuttgart Region

Not just protecting the countryside but upgrading and shaping it: this is the basic idea behind the Landscape Park Stuttgart Region. It refers not to idyllic gardens but to attractive, coordinated cultural landscape. The intention is to establish a harmonious network of open spaces, green areas, paths, special attractions or building structures to encourage locals and visitors to enjoy nature.

The different landscape areas are covered by master plans that fit in together like pieces of a puzzle to form the Landscape Park Stuttgart Region. Each partial concept is coordinated to the characteristic features. The master plans for the Neckartal valley, the Filder plains, the Glemstal valley, the Swabian Forest and the Remstal valley are already available. Others are in progress or will follow.

The plans will be followed by actions

Verband Region Stuttgart is aware of its responsibility to ensure that the plans are followed by actions. Since 2005, it has been calling on the towns and local authorities to submit their project ideas. The projects will then be selected in a competition, with the region assuming up to 50% of the costs. In this way, more than €15 million in overall capital expenditure has been triggered in the Landscape Park Stuttgart Region in recent years.

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