Active contribution to sustainable mobility

Around 9 million journeys are counted in the region on a normal week day. Without efficient local public transport, this would result in endless traffic jams. Many public players and private transport undertakings contribute to successful operation of local public transport in the Stuttgart Region. They have come together under the umbrella of the VVS (Stuttgart Integrated Public Transport Network). The VVS implements uniform fares for all buses and trains in the Stuttgart Region (apart from the rural district of Göppingen where an add-on ticket is necessary).

Verband Region Stuttgart is the largest public-sector shareholder in the VVS, looking after the commuter rail services (S-Bahn) as well as funding major aspects of the local public transport system. In this way, it makes an active contribution to sustainable mobility.

S-Bahn - comfortable, reliable and environmentally friendly

The commuter railway is the backbone of the integrated public transport system in the VVS territory. Every day it provides around 330,000 people with comfortable, reliable and environmentally friendly transport to their destinations. By law, Verband Region Stuttgart is the organisation responsible for "regionally significant local rail services starting and ending in the region". It "orders" the commuter rail services from DB Regio AG, stipulates the frequency of the commuter services and takes care of the necessary funding for this and the adjoining railway lines. The Regional Assembly of Verband Region Stuttgart also takes decisions regarding further expansion of the commuter rail network. At the moment, work is approaching completion on the S60 line between Böblingen and Renningen. The line between Marbach and Backnang is also to be upgraded so that it can take the S-Bahn trains.

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