Changes in society, climate protection and economic factors together with new developments in transport technology - all this and more has an influence on transport development in the Stuttgart Region. Top priority is given to upholding necessary development options, warranting mobility and accessibility in the long term - with a sustainable approach as far as possible. Mobility is a strategic challenge for the Stuttgart Region. Modern transport is based on systems that are both efficient and environmentally friendly at the same time. They safeguard the transport of goods and the mobility of people. In other words, they help to keep our modern industrial and services location functioning properly and enhance the appeal of the Stuttgart Region as somewhere to live and work.

The Regional Transport Plan is the key element in regional traffic planning. It forms the basis on which Verband Region Stuttgart makes its statements on expanding or constructing roads or railway lines. Furthermore, expert surveys and studies on possible new railway lines provide food for thought and impetus for the further development of rail transport in the Stuttgart Region. However, what counts is that the Region does not just suggest new ideas but actually brings about improvements in the network through its role as the entity responsible for the commuter rail system.

Regional roadmap for mobility

The Regional Transport Plan paves the way for sustainable development of transport in the Stuttgart Region. It takes account of all means of transport, on land, inland navigation and air transport. It also gives due consideration to the reciprocal effects of settlement, open spaces and infrastructure development which play a key role in regional planning. And so this integrated action concept forms the basis for many decisions taken by the regional politicians and for statements made by Stuttgart Region with regard to transport. In the end, the Regional Transport Plan is an instrument for influencing investment decisions taken by the federal, state and regional authorities.

The current plan was drawn up in 2001 based on data from 1995 and is gradually becoming obsolete, so that it is now being updated to take account of the changed demands being made of transport.

The intention is to take a three-stage approach. In 2009 and 2010, a survey of the households in the region collected current information about the routes and means of transport used by the population in the Stuttgart Region. The survey updated the data basis for regional transport. It is currently being used to elaborate the objectives for on-going transport development. In a third stage, concrete proposals will be made for improving the infrastructure of the roads and railway.

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