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Landschaftspark Region Stuttgart / English

Landschaftspark Region Stuttgart / English | 0,00 EUR

Stuttgartā€™s regional landscape park is a highly effective tool due to the close linking of planning and financing that is outstanding in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The park becomes visible and tangible via a large number of implemented projects that provide added value for humans and nature.

Region Stuttgart at a glance

Region Stuttgart at a glance | 0,00 EUR


Regional Governance

Regional Governance | 0,00 EUR

Verband Region Stuttgart - Organisation, Administration, Tasks

>> Version German and English in one File

Stuttgart Region in Europe

Stuttgart Region in Europe | 0,00 EUR

Projects, networks and European Office


growing:together | 10,00 EUR

10 Years of Landschaftspark Region Stuttgart

Looking back in atmospheric images on 10 years of developping projects of Landschaftspark Region Stuttgart, contributing to better quality of life and leisure. (Illustrated book, 180 pages, softcover)

Facts & Figures 2016

Facts & Figures 2016 | 0,00 EUR


The Neckar Landscape Park

The Neckar Landscape Park | 0,00 EUR

Shortened form of the master plan.