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Mobility in the region

How can I get to work? How does my package arrive at my house? How can my granny and granddad visit me at the weekend? Functioning mobility provides an answer to all of these questions. It has lots of different target groups and even more parts that need to turn together like cogs in a wheel. This is one of the biggest strategic challenges for the Stuttgart Region.

Verband Region Stuttgart is responsible for two of the main pillars for functioning mobility in the Stuttgart Region:

Regional transport plan

The regional transport plan serves as an important basis for transport planning. It paves the way for sustainable transport development in the region. The regional transport plan takes into account all land, water and air-based transport systems. It also gives due consideration to the reciprocal effects of settlement, open space and infrastructure development, which play a key role in regional planning.

You can find out more about the regional transport plan here.

Transport management

Using targeted information for a multi-pronged approach, it is possible to:

  • Connect cars, buses and trains
  • Encourage car sharing and pedelecs
  • Develop and agree on multi-modal transport strategies

These are all aspects of regional transport management. A high-performing passenger transport system in the Stuttgart Region must exploit the potential of motorised transport, public transport, non-motorised transport and sharing models. Consequently, Verband Region Stuttgart is looking into how to improve intermodal transport options in order to maintain the efficiency of the region’s passenger transport without additional environmental burdens. More and more, people are using more than one means of transport to complete a journey, so they need attractive and convenient ways of switching between different means of transport to meet their mobility requirements. Specific implementation of the tasks of Verband Region Stuttgart takes the form of:

  • Mobility platform
  • Mobility points
  • P&R

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