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The regional plan



Local development plans – aren’t they a matter for local authorities? If you take the time to think about your own daily routine, you will soon realise that life does not take place within administrative boundaries. Whether you are travelling to work, for sport or leisure, you will find that you automatically move between different local authority areas every day. People live in a region rather than in a local authority area. That’s why it is important that daily life be organised at a regional level. This is where the regional plan comes in. It serves as an overall plan at regional level to cover a period of about 15 years. Over more than 400 pages, it sets out the spatial development objectives and principles for the Stuttgart Region in written texts and graphic elements.

For example, the binding specifications can be used by towns and municipalities to create local development plans.

The regional plan for the Stuttgart Region consists of three legally binding parts (print-out only) adopted as a statute by the Regional Assembly

Overview of all current proceedings

Enviromental reports

Not only does the regional plan provide binding specifications, it also provides the grounds for these specifications. The environmental report covers all of the environmental matters and looks closely at what can be built and where, if construction is absolutely necessary. In particular, it includes information on the following protected resources: people, flora/fauna/biodiversity, soil, water, climate, landscape and cultural and material assets. It also indicates implications for the environment that can be expected based on the binding stipulations made in the regional plan.

Environmental reports and the corresponding maps can be found here.

Current proceedings

The regional plan was approved by the Regional Assembly in 2009. Of course it can be amended from time to time. The Regional Assembly must agree to such amendments in transparent proceedings involving the municipalities and the general public. For an overview of all current proceedings, see here.

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