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Landschaftspark Region Stuttgart

A mandatory statutory task with a major impact

In a high-density place like the Stuttgart Region, the natural environment and landscape are an essential basis for recreation, agriculture and forestry as well as ecological and climatic balance. Roughly three quarters of the region’s land is not developed and is closely linked to the settlement structure, with outdoor recreational facilities no more than ten minutes away on foot. The region is characterised by its exceptionally diverse landscape, which is a huge part of the Stuttgart Region’s attractiveness as a place to live and do business. With Landschaftspark Region Stuttgart, Verband Region Stuttgart has an effective means of investing proactively in this green infrastructure from a planning and financial perspective. This is a mandatory statutory task and is unique within the state and of huge political significance. It is especially important in terms of integrated settlement and transport development.

The close links between planning and funding are unique in Baden-Württemberg and are key to the effectiveness of Landschaftspark Region Stuttgart. They can be seen and experienced through a large number of completed projects that have real added value for humans and for nature.

Implementation is two-fold and involves the creation of master plans as well as the awarding of project subsidies within the framework of co-funding.

  • Master plans: Diverse ideas for distinctive landscapes
  • Co-funding: Annual investment in the green infrastructure
  • Travelling around the region: Experience Landschaftspark Region Stuttgart on a wide variety of different hiking and cycling trips.

For more information see the website of the Landschaftspark Region Stuttgart

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