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Transparent budget

The tasks of Verband Region Stuttgart are very varied, and this is reflected in its broad funding base. The annual budget provides full transparency on how the various monies are used within the region. Traditionally, the biggest item in Verband Region Stuttgart’s budget relates to transport. Verband Region Stuttgart funds significant portions of the local transport network and the expansion of the commuter rail network. It also finances the running of the commuter rail network to a large extent.

Verband Region Stuttgart gets its income mainly from two sources: levies and other grants (e.g. regional funds from the State of Baden-Württemberg for the commuter rail system).

Verband Region Stuttgart receives the following three levies from the rural districts, towns and municipalities in the region:

  • the general Verband levy (from the 179 towns and municipalities)
  • the transport levy (from the urban and rural districts involved in the VVS integrated public transport network)
  • the waste levy (from the urban and rural districts)

EU, federal and state funding also has a major role to play, along with third-party funding.

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